Xenoestrogens are hormone disrupting chemicals that mimic Oestrogen in the body binding to our Oestrogen receptors and altering the normal function of our hormones.

They are found in everyday products like make up, skin and hair care, deodorants, plastics, fruits and vegetables sprayed with pesticides, cleaning products, processed foods, and tap water, the list is endless.

The most well known ones are Parabens which are preservatives added to products to make them last longer and BPA found in plastics.

Absorbing these types of harmful Oestrogen’s is a contributory factor to many women becoming Oestrogen Dominant which most women become during the Menopause due to progesterone levels falling lower than Oestrogen and they need to be balanced in order for us to feel well.

Xenoestrogens are particularly detrimental to hormone sensitive organs like the breasts and Uterus. A build up have been indicated in conditions like breast cancer, obesity, infertility, endometriosis, miscarriages and diabetes.

Xenoestrogens store in fat cells too making the cells bigger which is another good reason to keep to a healthy weight.

So, what can we do to reduce our intake?

Take everything back to basics

  1. Choose natural skin care products and cosmetics
  2. Use essential oils for perfume
  3. Use chemical free soaps, toothpastes and deodorants
  4. Minimise exposure to nail polish and removers
  5. Buy Organic, locally grown and in season fruit and veggies. Peel non organic ones
  6. Buy organic, grass fed, hormone free meat
  7. Buy organic dairy or go dairy free as much as possible
  8. Reduce the use of plastics whenever possible especially tupperware, cling film and water bottles
  9. Use natural cleaning products around your home, avoiding artificial air fresheners and polishes
  10. Install a water filter at home

This may seem a little overwhelming at first but the more aware you are of what chemicals you are putting on your skin, eating, drinking and breathing in the better your overall health will be.

Some fruits and vegetables are sprayed with pesticides more than others, below is a list of the ones to buy organic known as the Dirty Dozen. The ones on the clean 15 list you can get away with not being organic.

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You may want to check out the free Think Dirty App which lets you scan your products to see what’s in them. It may surprise you!