Her Holistic Life Membership


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Her Holistic Life Membership


I am really excited to tell you I am launching my completely new community based membership for women. This is for women who want to create a more fulfilling, authentic, healthier life who may feel stuck and not sure how to move forward.

Would you like to be part of a wonderful community that has your back and fully supports you whenever you need it?

`Her Holistic Life’ will provide a roadmap to a more vibrant, powerful version of you! Say goodbye to those thoughts and feelings that are holding you back and hello to a life filled with boundless energy, unshakeable confidence, and remarkable resilience!

Picture this, a clear pathway designed exclusively for women like you, guiding you to achieve your best life! You get the opportunity to transform your life and health mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually now and forever!

Imagine waking up every morning feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to conquer the world. That’s the power of my proven holistic roadmap meticulously crafted to help you eat healthier, sleep soundly, and radiate confidence like never before.

Say farewell to stress and anxiety, say hello to an inner sense of calm and confidence as you master the art of balance – balance your hormones, manage your weight, and embrace a lifestyle that’s as fulfilling as it is fabulous. Create healthier relationships and a career that you love, HER HOLISTIC LIFE has your back throughout every area of your life. It’s the one stop shop for health and wellbeing.

With expert coaching included from me so that you have the support you need as you go through different phases in your life, imagine always knowing someone has your back when times get tough.


HER HOLISTIC LIFE will cover all areas of your life, there will always be the support you need.

I am building the membership based on my own experiences and from working with hundreds of women over the years, witnessing huge transformations. Taking a holistic approach to life enables us to overcome anxiety, low self esteem, health conditions, weight problems, relationship issues and so much more!

Holistic living has helped me to learn how to build healthy boundaries, being able to finally speak up, standing up for myself, communicating clearly.

I Learnt to love myself unconditionally nourishing my mind and body with healthy foods, movement and a new found positive mindset.

Being brave and courageous I pushed myself out of my comfort zone which led me to leave a 15 year unhappy marriage to re train age 40 finally creating the career I had always dreamed off. I built resilience I never knew existed, I became the strongest version of me.

I want to help you do the same, it is my mission to use everything I have experienced and learn’t to help women like you. Join my community, learn and feel fully supported by me and the other women within the membership.


What will the membership include? This is my vision…

A proven roadmap to take you on a journey throughout different areas of your life. You get to choose which areas you want to work on in your own time.

My Health – This area will cover all aspects of Women’s health, fundamentally it is about understanding your menstrual cycle and balancing hormones so symptoms are reduced and eliminated. Whether you are experiencing symptoms of PMS, Perimenopause, Post Menopause or have PCOS, Endometriosis or Fibroids this will be a huge part of the membership. Learn what your body needs to thrive as a woman of any age.


Topics in My Health include:

  • My Food Plan – Nutrition for Women

  • My Movement – Fit, Strong & Healthy

  • My Sleep – Sleep Soundly Every Night

My Mindset – Learn how to manage your mind, how to control your thoughts and emotions and why you have created bad habits. Start creating new healthier habits that last by changing your belief system.

My Inner Calm – Learn how to reduce stress and anxiety by bringing in daily activities and mindfulness, practicing new skills and techniques to help you manage your mind.

My Relationships – Build stronger, healthier relationships learning how to communicate your needs clearly and set boundaries.

There will be guest experts popping in to offer support in many other areas including career development, coping with grief and trauma. I want this membership to be a source of support for you whenever you need it, for whatever reason.

How will all this be delivered I hear you ask?!


It will all be held online in my new membership site. You will have your own log in details and can log in anytime, anywhere. You can ask questions and chat with other members in the ‘My Community’ space, this is so valuable for feeling like you’re not on your own, that there is always someone there for you.

Join me LIVE in the community space or watch on catch up where I will be offering coaching , Q&As, support and training on topics chosen by you and time to ask me questions and gain feedback on your journey. I will be setting you challenges and holding you accountable to make sure you are making progress. The learning and self development material will be a combination of workbooks, guides, journals, trackers, checklists, cheat sheets, tutorials, templates, plans, survival kits etc.  You can work through them at your own pace choosing what really resonates with you at that time.

I am launching the membership now whilst I am still creating it because I want my founding members to be a part of how it shapes and evolves from the very beginning. The monthly membership fee starts at only £20, that’s less than 67p a day! If you join now it will always stay at that price, only new members will pay more as the membership evolves and price increases. You can also cancel at anytime.

The launch price of £20 is only on for one week ending Monday 22nd of April after this the doors will close and we will have our founding members! Once the membership re opens the price will be higher so if you are interested in being a part of this as a founding member and secure your price at £20 sign up today!

Are you ready to rewrite your story and unleash your full potential? Join the movement with HER HOLISTIC LIFE today and let’s make every moment count. Your journey to better health and a better life starts here!

Sarah x