Your Health, Your Life – A Series of 4 Workshops for Women over 35


17th Feb: Nutrition – Eating well for happy hormones – £55

9th March: Confidence and self esteem building – £25

6th April: Managing your mind – Reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm – £25

25th May: Building fitness and strength as we age – £55

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Join me at The Manor Health and Wellness Centre in Colchester for a series of 4 amazing workshops! All for women over the age of 35. This is an age where our hormones start to change, Oestrogen and Progesterone start to decline and we can begin to experience a whole host of symptoms including anxiety, weight gain, IBS, pain and inflammatory conditions.

Women become much more sensitive to stress during this time and really need to prioritise self care. Our health needs nourishing on every level in order for us to prevent conditions developing like under or over active thyroid, which is becoming increasingly more common. 95% of people with autoimmune conditions are women due to the delicate balance of our hormones and how our very busy lifestyle’s and diet can negatively impact them.

My 4 workshops cover key areas of a woman’s health and life which play a big part in helping to regulate our nervous system and the way our hormones work. I like to call these ‘The Five Pillars of Midlife Health’. By focusing on these elements we will experience less and more manageable symptoms of the menopause and much better health as we go through midlife and as we age. If we take action today, nourishing ourselves from the inside out, we can build a fulfilling, healthier way of living, ageing well, loving the life we have created for ourselves.

The Five Pillars of Midlife Health:

  • Nutrition
  • Mindset
  • Stress
  • Sleep
  • Movement


Workshops 3pm to 5.30pm

  1. Saturday the 17th of February: Nutrition – Eating Well for Happy Hormones including a 7 Day Meal Plan. In this workshop you will learn what foods your body needs for your hormones to work effectively so that you are nourishing yourself with nutrient dense foods that also allow your changing metabolism to work well. This is not about going on a diet but about eating the right balance of foods at the right times of the day. We will try some different foods and learn about how they impact our health as women. You will learn what to eat to promote healthy heart, brain, skin and bone health as you age. You will go home with a 7 day meal plan to get you started that will include breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks.
  2. Saturday the 9th of March – Confidence and Self Esteem Building. Working on building your self esteem and confidence will have a huge positive impact on all areas of your life including your relationships to the career you  choose. If you have high self esteem you will not accept unacceptable behavior from others, you will put in healthy boundaries and create a life of purpose and fulfilment. If you understand how confidence works you have a better chance of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and be able to create a more fulfilling life. These are key elements to you making long lasting positive changes, and can transform the way you think about yourself and your life.
  3. Saturday the 6th of April – Managing Your Mind, Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Overwhelm. In this workshop you will learn how you can become aware of the way your mind is working, the thoughts you are thinking and how they are affecting the way that you feel which then create undesirable behaviours. You will learn techniques and tools that will allow you to begin re programming the way that you think, freeing you from worry, fear and anxiety, stress and overwhelm. You will be able to implement these very simple methods into your everyday life straight away creating a whole new way of thinking which attracts abundance, positivity, opportunity and freedom.
  4. Saturday the 25th of May – Building Fitness and Strength as We Age: We cannot underestimate the importance of daily movement when it comes to our physical and mental health, especially as we age. You will learn what types of exercise benefit you the most as you age as a woman, what and how to do them and why. I will be bringing in a guest PT to go through some exercises you can be doing at home easily using your own body weight and some free weights and all the other options you have so that you can create an exercise regime that fits in with your lifestyle. Exercise is a non negotiable if you want to live a long happy life reducing your risk of conditions like heart disease, diabetes, dementia and Osteoporosis.


The Manor Health and Wellness Centre 11 Manor Road Colchester Essex CO3 3LX

Please message me if you have any questions and book today to secure your space!